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Public sector organizations are under increased pressure to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

Is your organization able to provide desired services, at a cost your citizens or customers are willing to pay, and on a sustainable basis?

Many local public sector organizations have or expect to experience reduced federal and state government funding assistance. Additionally, these same organizations expect increased competition to secure funding from these sources.

The use of business intelligence to help inform proactive decision-making by appointed and elected officials has been demonstrated to increase the confidence of citizens, customers, and taxpayers, as well as promoting the ongoing support of elected and appointed officials. Additionally, business intelligence has been used to inform bond rating decisions, bond insurance, labor negotiations, rate studies and numerous other operational decisions within public sector organizations.

CiviData’s on-demand benchmarking and performance information, analytics and reporting platform is a key tool to assist you and your organization with your efforts to compare and benchmark your relative performance to peers.

For examples of how our services have been leveraged, please read the case studies and reports. For additional information on performance measurement and benchmarking, the financial status of cities, schools, and other local public agencies and states throughout the country and the federal government itself, see the various “White Papers” we post to our website.

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